Easter 2015

The last training session before Easter will be Thursday this week (26th March). The Club will close for Easter holidays for the following 2 weeks. The first session back will be Wednesday 15th April, with all sessions running as usual that week.

Cadet British Championships 2015

The British Cadets were held this year in the Sportsdock in the University of East London. Three BFC fencers attended: Keziah Beattie and Emily Maginn in WF and Theo Miller in the MF. In the WF poules Keziah won 4/5 and Emily 1/5, while in the MF Theo was 5/6. Keziah and Theo both got byes into the L32, but Emily just missed the cut by 2 places to finish 42nd.  Keziah won her L32 fight but then unfortunately met and lost to the eventual competition winner in the L16, finishing 11th. In the MF Theo won his L32 and L16 fights, only to also meet and lose to the eventual competition winner in the L8, ending up 5th.

East of Ireland Open

Alastair and David travelled to UCD in Dublin for the 2015 EoI (Sun 15 Feb). Alastair was ranked number one after the poules in MF but was knocked out by the winner, Conor Nagle, in the quarters and finished 5th. David finished 13th.

Alastair wins a point against Conor in the L8

2014/15 NI Junior Foil Series Round 4

NIJFS Round 4 was held on 8th Feb at Hunterhouse College. BFC fencers won medals in the U12 Girls, U14 Boys and the U16 Girls. Anna Vaughan won U12F silver, Finn McMullan U14M bronze and Emily Maginn her third U16F gold of the year. Full BFC results:
U10 Mixed: 7th Rory Vaughan.
U12 Girls: 2nd Anna Vaughan.
U12 Boys: 12th Hugo Pettet.
U14 Girls: 8th Erin Maginn.
U14 Boys: 3rd Finn McMullan, 5th Matthew McKay, 8th Rowan Luney, 13th Charles Pettet.
U16 Girls: 1st Emily Maginn.
BFC medal winners at NIJFS Round 4

2015 Excalibur Cup

Finn McMullan and Matthew McKay both made the trip to Dalkey in South Dublin last Sunday to compete in the 2015 Excalibur run by the Pembroke club. Finn won the U13 category with Matthew taking bronze. Unfortunately the two met in the semi-final, Finn winning 15-10. Finn then went on to win the final 15-5. Well done both of them.

2015 NI Open

Congratulations to Keziah on winning the NIO women’s foil on Saturday! Also to Emily on taking bronze. Keziah’s win came after a very close point-for-point fight against her NI team mate Lucy Taylor that finished 15-14. In MF there were two in the last eight, Alastair and Theo finishing 6th and 8th. David was 16th, while Jake fought on through knee pain to finish 20th. Gerry was competing today (Sunday) in the epee, his result to be posted when available.

BFC at the 2015 NI Open, ex Theo, Jake & Gerry.

2014/15 NI Junior Foil Series Round 3

The 3rd round of the NIJFS was held on Sat 17th Jan 2015 in Sullivan Upper School. BFC junior fencers performed well, again winning medals in 5 of the 7 age categories. Anna Vaughan and Emily Maginn continued their winning ways, Anna with her 3rd consecutive gold in the U12s and Emily with her 2nd U16 win. Full BFC results below.
U10 Mixed: 5th Rory Vaughan.
U12 Girls: 1st Anna Vaughan, 6th Emma Bennett.
U12 Boys: 8th Hugo Pettet.
U14 Girls: 2nd Erin Maginn.
U14 Boys: 2nd Finn McMullan, 3rd Matthew McKay, 9th Rowan Luney, 10th Charles Pettet.
U16 Girls: 1st Emily Maginn, 2nd Iona O’Neill, 3rd Rachel Smyth, 5th Ella Reid.
U16 Boys: 3rd Ben Sloan.
IMG_3538 IMG_3536 IMG_3542
BFC junior medal winners at NIJFS R3: Anna, Erin, Finn & Matthew.
IMG_3541 IMG_3545 
BFC U16 medallists: Emily, Iona, Rachel & Ben