British Youth Championships

Good luck to all our fencers setting off this weekend to the BYCs at the EIS in Sheffield. They are:

U18s – Victoria Duxbury and Stephen Brown.

U16s – Keziah Beattie, Rachel Philpott, Daragh Patterson and Theo Millar.

U14s – Jake Bodels.

U12s – Finn McMullan and Matthew McKay.

Irish Youth Championships

Four BFC fencers travelled south to the Irish Youth Championships in Dublin last Sunday 28th April: Matthew McKay, Finn McMullan, Daragh Patterson and Victoria Duxbury. Matthew and Finn ended up facing each other in the U11 semis, with Finn winning and going on to victory in the final. Daragh won gold in the U16s, while Victoria took silver in th U18s.


Victoria, Finn, Daragh and Matthew at the Irish Youth Championships

2012/13 NI Junior Foil Series Final Rankings

The 2012/13 Northern Ireland Junior Foil Series was brought to an end with the 5th and final round held on the 20th April. This concluded another successful year for the BFC juniors, with BFC fencers competing in 6 of the 7 age groups. Here’s a summary of the year’s BFC overall results.

U12 Girls – 3rd Natalia Szczepanska.

U12 Boys – 3rd Finn McMullan, 4th Matthew McKay, 6th Finn Tyler.

U14 Girls – 1st Emily Maginn, 2nd Iona O’Neill, 3rd Rachel Smyth, 7th Bethany Craig.

U14 Boys – 6th Ben Sloane, 9th Jamie Doyle, 12th Ben Young, 16th Patryk Szczepanski, 19th, Marcus McEneaney.

U16 Girls – 2nd Rachel Philpott, 3rd Keziah Beattie, 7th Rebekah Mercer.

U16 Boys – 3rd Daragh Patterson, 4th Theo Millar, 5th Jake Bodels, 6th John Doyle.

Well done all!

NI Junior Foil Series Round 5

Hunterhouse College hosted the fifth and final round of the 2012-2013 NIJFS last Saturday 20th April. There was a strong contingent of BFC junior fencers competing, winning medals in 5 of the 7 age group categories. Full BFC results below.

U12 Girls – 3rd Natalia Szczepanska.

U12 Boys – 2nd Finn McMullan, 3rd Matthew McKay, 6th Finn Tyler.

U14 Girls – 1st Emily Maginn, 3rd Iona O’Neill, 3rd Rachel Smyth, 8th Bethany Craig.

U14 Boys – 7th Ben Sloane, 12th Jamie Doyle, 14th Ben Young, 16th Patryk Szczepanski.

U16 Girls – 2nd Rachel Philpott, 3rd Keziah Beattie.

U16 Boys – 3rd Jake Bodels, 3rd Theo Millar, 6th John Doyle, 7th Daragh Patterson.

 photophoto 2

Matthew, Finn, Rachel, Iona and Emily at Round 5 of the NIJFS.

2013 Irish Nationals

Two BFC fencers, Victoria Duxbury and Rachel Philpott, braved the adverse winter weather conditions to travel south to Maynooth for the Irish Nationals on 24th March. Both produced excellent performances to end up fencing each other in the final, with Victoria scoring a narrow win.


Rachel and Victoria at the Nationals