2014 Belfast Open

The 2014 Belfast Open will take place over the weekend 12th and 13th April in conjunction with the final round of the NI Junior Foil Series. The two events are now open for entry on the NI Fencing website at http://www.nifencing.com/. Schedule below.

Saturday 12th
• NI Junior Foil Series: check-in varies according to age group (see separate NIJFS entry at http://nifencing.com/)
• Men’s Epee: check-in opens 12:00 closes 12:30
• Women’s Epee: check-in opens 12:30 closes 13:00

Sunday 13th
• Men’s Foil: check-in opens 09:00 closes 09:30
• Women’s Foil: check-in opens 11:00 closes 11:30
• Men’s Sabre: check-in opens 12:00 closes 12:30
• Women’s Sabre: check-in opens 13:00 closes 13:30