BFC fencers attend European summer training camps

Preparation for the 2014/15 season started early for some of BFC’s cadet and junior fencers with attendance of prestigious training camps in Hungary and Germany. Keziah and Theo both went to the annual Solti Training Camp in Szombathely in Hungary, then travelled to the far west Germany where they met up with Victoria to attend a camp in Bocholt. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences……

Theo: This summer I travelled to Hungary and on to Germany to attend international training camps. I was excited; this was the first time I would be fencing outside of the UK. The training at both camps was of a terrific standard, as both countries are world leaders in foil. The gruelling fitness drills combined with training alongside experienced cadet and junior internationals made for a lot of hard work, which I hope will pay off in the coming season!

Victoria: Bocholt was my first international training camp, and a chance to gain confidence and experience against world class fencers in preparation for next season’s junior world cup. The standard of coaching was high, which introduced us to new warm up techniques and footwork. Due to the wide range of countries attending the camp we encountered different styles, which strengthened our ability to adapt. The conditioning section of the course incorporated plyometric training and coordination exercises, a new concept, which will be highly beneficial in future training. After the camp I felt much stronger and had a wider range of tactics; enabling me the next weekend to win the South of Ireland Open.

Keziah:  This summer I attended two international training camps.  The first was a camp in Szombathely, Hungary.  Some days it was very warm, but we had to become acclimatised quickly.  Our days were made up of a morning and afternoon session with a break in between.  We did a little foot work and a lot of fencing!  During this camp I not only got coached by a British coach which taught me new technical work, but there was also a professional dancer attending from Philadelphia who taught us many helpful stretches. There were 550 people attending the camp and over 15 nations so there was a great range of people to fence. This meant that there were many different new styles and approaches that I could learn from.  My second camp was in Bocholt, Germany.  At this camp there were many world renowned coaches such as Andrea Borella.  This was a smaller camp and I got two lessons with the international coaches.  Here there was foot work, fitness and fencing.  Once again there were many different styles to learn from. I enjoyed getting the chance to meet other fencers my age from different parts of the world. Not only did these camps enable me to improve my fencing and footwork, but they also allowed me to be coached by Olympic Champions.  

Go to the Bocholt camp website at to see video footage from each day (panel on the right).