Summer training

The new season is underway and BFC have helped its fencers hit the ground running – see SoI results below – by staying open all summer, closing only for the first two weeks of July. Three of our top junior fencers added to this preparation with training abroad. Theo travelled to the University of East London for a week long training camp run by top London club Newham Swords, then came straight back to NI to do a second week of training at Grosvenor’s annual training event! Meanwhile Rachel took time out from her holiday in Florida to keep up her training at the Stoccata Fencing Academy in Orlando. Keziah travelled to Hungary with a group of young British fencers to the prestigious annual Solti Fencing Camp: “In the summer I applied for and was granted a place to go with a group from British Fencing to the Solti Training Camp in Szombathely, Hungary for a week. We flew from Heathrow to Vienna and then on by coach to the training camp. There were over 400 fencers from places like Venezuela, Italy, Finland, Egypt and of course Hungary. The age range in my group was 14 to 23. We had two training sessions per day, in the morning and evening. In the training sessions we did fitness, endurance, footwork, technical work and box fencing. I also had one to one sessions with a coach.  I really enjoyed it and would definitely go again.”