2017 Belfast Open

This year’s Belfast Open was held on Sat 11th and Sun 12th of March 2017 at our venue at Sullivan Upper School in Holywood. As in previous years, it consisted of a 6 weapon senior event and a round of the NI Junior Foil Series (Round 5). This year there was a total of 143 competing, 75 senior and 68 junior fencers from all over Ireland.  BFC had 8 entrants in the senior competition and 6 in the NIJFS event, results as follows.
Senior Men’s Epee: Alastair Houldsworth 14th, Gerry Boyle 21st.
Senior Men’s Foil: Alastair Houldsworth 3rd, David White 9th.
Senior Women’s Foil: Anna Vaughan 5th, Kate Todd 6th, Cece MacMahon 7th, Izzy MacMahon 8th, Alex Agar 9th.
U14 Men’s Foil: Hugo Pettet 14th.
U14 Women’s Foil: Anna Vaughan 2nd, Cece MacMahon 3rd, Madalaine Wison 11th.
U12 Woman’s Foil: Emma Yeaman 3rd, Emma White 6th.

For a full set of competition results, with pictures of all the medal winners, use the Belfast Open link in the website header. or click here: https://www.belfastfencingclub.com/?page_id=1988.
For a detailed event report, including video clips, use the link in the page header, or click here: https://www.belfastfencingclub.com/?page_id=2042.
For videos of ME, MF and WF finals courtesy of IrishFencingVideos, use the header link or go to https://www.belfastfencingclub.com/?page_id=2097.